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On-Site Parts Services

McLeod Truck Parts offers parts services for several specialty applications. Whether you're looking to extend the life of a flywheel or torque rod through routine maintenance or you need a custom built hose or U-Bolt for your vehicle or trailer we can help you!


  • 100-Ton Hydraulic Press

    • Our on-site, 100-Ton press can be used to press bushings through torque rods and walking beams, and can additionally handle general press-work such as pushing gears.


  • Custom Hoses

    • We have years of experience making custom hoses for hydraulic and air lines. We have a wide selection of Continental (formerly Goodyear) hoses and fittings that we can custom-make to match your old hose or your specifications.


  • Custom-bent U-Bolts

    • We can custom bend U-Bolts for most heavy-duty applications, and can even meet the specifications for some lighter-duty applications. If you have any questions about a specific length, diameter, threading or type of bend don't hesitate to contact us!


  • Flywheel Resurfacing

    • We offer flywheel resurfacing on site. Don't risk burning up a new clutch due to an uneven or glazed surface on your flywheel, make sure to inspect your flywheel thoroughly before installing a new clutch!

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